Now and Then, The Art of the Three Styles Taboo

Stripper Style

Stripper style dance is a hush-hush taboo style of dance. It relies on the sexual, raw nature of the dance to engage their audiences. This style of dance focuses more on engagement and entertainment for their prospective audience. It draws and invites the viewer in for “advertising” oneself’s for a potential private lap dance given to their clients. This style dance relies more on the pure sexuality of the dance and less on trending tricks. There are many dance performances that strippers in Cincinnati can do, including body rolls, twerking, and touching oneself in a sexual manner. They also utilize “Heel Clacking”. Which pertains to sitting butt down, bending their legs in a sexual manner and clicking their heels off the floor.

Using this style dance engages their potential mate or client by clothing removal, eye contact and what is commonly known as the “sex face”. Most strip clubs are considered “bikini clubs”. The females are required only to wear patches of clothes just around their naughty bits. Which in most cases will be removed later on due to the stage dances or private dances.

The majority of performers make more money giving private dances than stage dances. Some states allow the “fully nude” in these establishments, but most states have laws against this and require the females to wear G-strings. Some countries allow touching of the female dancers except for full penetration of any object into the body of the female because of sanitary reasons.

Ancient myths of the ancient Samarian’s believed the goddess of love, was said to have danced and removed clothing or jewelry at each of the seven gates, she passed on her way to find her lover. Something that started as a beautiful love story is now a sexual taboo. This style of dancing became increasingly popular in the 1920’s and moved to clubs in the 1950’s.

Most females that use this style dance are either paying their way through school or are supporting their own families. Times have changed from the 1920’s until now. This style of dance is used as an exercise and muscle toning and are set up in gyms around the world. In 2000, Sheila Kelley opened multiple studios in the United States to help struggling dancers learn and perfect the skill of Stripper Style dance. Which in many cases today is used primarily as generating an income or exercise purposes.