Sweetly Seductive

Classique Style

Classique Style dance involves more of creating beautiful shapes in a fluid way. This style focuses on fluidity and flexibility. Classique style dance is a cleaner style of sexy. The females maintain grace as well as a sweetly seductive gaze that engages the audience with skill and flawlessness. This style includes multi trick combos, spin pole, floor work shapes and splits. It is considered sexy as well as sultry. Most performers engage their audience in a coy or sweet manner in Classique Style of dance.

This style of dance can be closely compared to Mallakhamb Pole. Mallakhamb Pole is an Indian sport where tricks are performed on a wooden pole. This 19th-century sport is translated into English as “pole gymnastics”. Wrestlers utilized this sport for training in many different areas pertaining to stealth, flexibility, and stamina.

Some may argue that the Classique Style of dance is nothing more than Burlesque dancing. Which in many ways, both dances are similar. Neither dance style requires the female to remove clothing. In Classique Style, there is only grace and coyness. Burlesque dancing is more about entertainment in a humorous manner. Classique Style requires the body of oneself to do all the talking and in Burlesque the performer can choose to perform jokes, sing, and utilize their dancing talents.

In 1984, a Canadian native, Fawnia Dietrich opened the first exotic dance school and focused not only on exotic dancers or strippers but their close cousin Classique dancers. She was the first to introduce an instructive education in the world of stripping and utilizing the pole in a correct manner.