Exotic Style

Exotic style dance can be closely compared to Chinese Pole. A Chinese acrobatic display that involved climbing, sliding down, stretching and holding positions using strength and skill. The Chinese Pole dates back prior to the 12th century. Exotic dance style also serves to entertain but also represents fertility, sexuality, and femininity.

Exotic dancers or commonly referred to as “strippers Cincinnati“, are focused more on tricks by executing their strength. This style of dance is driven by quality. The dancers utilize moves in an effortless manner. These moves can range anywhere from handstands to power spins. Exotic dancers also try to perfect their own moves for flawless performances. Using leg traces and threads is a common practice in an exotic dancer routine, as well as, accented tempo changes.

More often than not, strip clubs tend to have dress codes. Whether it be from the clientele to the dancer themselves. Exotic Style dance requires the females be dressed in “gowns”. Which these gowns are not what people think of when they think of the definition of a gown. These styles of “gowns” are skin tight tube dresses that wrap around the body snugly and end right below the buttocks. This style also includes the removale of clothes but not to the extreme.